Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[Cameo] Milk Carton

I keep seeing cute milk cartons pop up on crafty blogs I follow. So far as I know, none of my cricut cartridges can do it. And I only have a Big Shot, so I can't work with the Sizzix die for it.

So naturally, when my Silhouette Cameo arrived the FIRST thing I did was get the milk carton cut file and make it.

It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. 

Sorry for the bad photography, I was sick
As this was my first project using a die cutting machine that's NOT a Cricut, let me offer some observations: 

  • The process of folding was MUCH easier. I didn't need to score anything afterwards. Which is awesome because I was sick. 
  • I had to look it up on the internet to figure out how the top fit together as it wasn't entirely obvious to me what parts pushed in. Maybe I had I not been sick, it would be obvious to me (because now I keep thinking 'I didn't know how to put together a milk carton?'). But the cricut cartridges always include instructions. This came with none. 
  • I like buying individual images, however, I also like having collections of images that fit together. Both have their advantages, but I think long run...individual images will work out. 
  • The software wasn't difficult at all and is a little more obvious (and logical) about which direction things will get cut. 
  • The software is different, but neither is really better than the other between Cricut Craft Room and Silhouette Designer Studio. The main difference is that you have to TELL Designer Studio that you want to see the images, whereas in CCR, they are always at the bottom. SDS has a more photoshop feel to it, as it feels like everything is more modular (it also feels a lot like my embroidery software). I doubt it is actually more modular though. Just feels that way. 
  • You can import SVG and cut files into SDS, where you cannot with the Cricut. I haven't played with them yet, but I intend to. 
  • There is a print and cut feature for the Cameo, which is the main reason I bought it. All those potion labels last Halloween would have been cute in different shapes. And they have some in the store. 
There is a sale going on in the store now. Not sure how much stuff I want to play with. You can do rhinestones, heat transfers, temporary tattoos, stickers, etc... with it, I want to play but my time may be limited and my space definitely is.

But those are my thoughts so far on the Cameo. I think I now understand why some previous Cricut bloggers started doing more stuff with it. It felt a bit simpler. 

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