Thursday, February 3, 2011

Magnets (Create-a-critter)

Look at my new fridge magnets I made with my cricut! These are prototypes for other magnets, so I didn't use the official provocraft magnetic material or the vinyl. I have the magnet sheets, but I'll probably never buy the vinyl from provocraft. I'm lucky and there's a store about 10 minutes from my house that sells 12x24 sheets for $3. It's not as removable as the provocraft stuff claims to be, but I'm not removing it for this project.

So check out my gator, pig, dino, tweet-like bird and whale. It's hard to see the black accents (which I don't think will be black on version 2) because of the fridge. But still, I think they are adorable!

These were pretty easy, although lining up the vinyl isn't simple. I put the black layer of vinyl on the magnet sheet, then hooked up my gypsy and cut out all the shapes with the deep cut blade out of the vinyl'd magnet. Then I cut out all the vinyl colors and layered them as if it were paper (only no glue needed).

Again, for the vinyl, I used the ARS cutting guide which said to have speed at 3, pressure at 2 and blade depth at 3. Regular blade, no multicut. And I advise a VERY WELL LIT (I used the dining room table) to pull the negative vinyl off so you don't lose any little pieces. And a sewing pin makes an EXCELLENT way to remove all the little spots that are the negative but didn't pull with it (like the cheeks on the pig). And this is with the create-a-critter cartridge.

I also got the Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty, and Doodlecharm cartridges as well as the Savory and Lacy Labels lite cartridges in. AND I FINALLY HAVE THE SCRAPPER TOOL. So I'll do something with them this weekend to play a bit.

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  1. I love the magnets! They are too cute!

  2. Thanks. I have more critters, but the base layer of their vinyl isn't cut yet.