Friday, March 25, 2011

[Presser Feet] My Tricky Bias Binding Foot

As I previously mentioned, I have a lot of specialized feet for my machine. I love them. They make sewing SO much easier (most of the time). But last night I ran into a problem with the Bias Binding Foot (#85). And it took forever to find a "solution". I say "solution" because by the time I found it, it was time to go to bed, so I still haven't tried it yet.

I have a Bernina, so I frequent their site that has little videos of each presser foot and a BIT on how to operate it. Not tons, but usually enough for me to figure it out. And all of their feet come with instructions. But the Bias Binding Foot instructions are pretty terrible. Here's the video and then I'll continue.

You see how the video skips a step...of how to get the binding into what they refer to as a "cone" in the instructions. Especially if you were using prefolded tape it REALLY skips a step. What do they mean by "on the side". I looked that thing over, I can't find the spot that implies. GRR.

I surmised that the bias tape would have to come THROUGH the cone and out it's small tip to that it would be caught by the feed dogs. But that was the tricky part. I put the fabric in and couldn't get it to go through, it would get caught on the slots on the side. But, I tried to use those with a pin to force it down. Still no luck. I did eventually find a non-bernina chart that said to use a seam ripper. I guess it might have more grip to it. So I'll try that when I get home.

I also eventually found this, which is for a Phaff machine but the foot looks remarkably similar (they both seem to require an adapter shank).

It's kind of creepy with no sound though. You just sort of watch it to catch on.

So, still more to come on the Bias Binding Foot. And I did put the zipper into my dress and DIDN'T break a needle afterward (the Bernina zipper foot requires you move the needle position which I FREQUENTLY forget to move back and thus it shatters the next time I use it). I think the Gathering Foot helped with that as it needs a long stitch width and thus I had to hit "clr" a LOT. Yay for new habits!

I think I'm going to make another habit of going through my feet and posting "tutorials" for them. Maybe that way it will be easier for others to understand. This should have been straightforward, but for me it wasn't. I'm sure it's also not for others.

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  1. Hi, I found your blog searching for the very thing you were looking for as well. What did the video mean by "on the side". My problem was the pre folded bias tape kept curling on it self. So I am looking for what on the side means. If you find out please show, I will check back in a few days .Thanks Del

    1. For a thorough description of how to the Multi-Slotted Binder, look at the Vintage Singer Instructions for Model 15-91.