Monday, July 23, 2012

Rainbow Dash Surprise Birthday Party

The problem with a surprise party that you intend to be crafty at is that you can't post any of the crafty things you're doing when the surprisee reads your blog!

On the 15th we had a surprise party for a friend's birthday. It was apparently a well kept secret. Over several months, we had been asking her questions that didn't make sense out of context, but now they do. MWAHAHAHA.

I invited her to come over and sew as a ruse. When she arrived, this is what she saw:

It was Rainbow Dash themed. 
I was totally inspired by the party that Angry Dog Studios threw for Corsair's Boutique's birthday! Her favorite is Pinkie Pie, so they threw her a Pinkie Pie themed birthday.

Okay, maybe this is what she actually saw when she initially arrived:

In case it wasn't clear that we had a pony theme. 

We also had pin the cutie mark on Rainbow Dash game and did a pretty good job mutilating that pinkie pie pinata. Both are available at Party City.  

The streamers were initially supposed to go out in a circle from the ceiling but....whoops...I'm not tall enough to reach it even standing on a chair. So we improvised. I think I still did a pretty good job of making it look like a rainbow exploded. 

And then I made Rainbow Dash's cutie mark in balloons to hang from that circle. Without the circle, it became a center piece on the counter top. 

As far as food went, we had the birthday girl's favorite snacks: hot fries, pigs in a blanket, and caprisuns. And I made pink lemonade for those that didn't want the sugar in capri suns. I also made the rainbow fruit skewers that I pinned a while back. And got the sour straw things to put on the cupcakes I had made by Kroger to match cupcakes found on pinterest as well. They looked too much like her cutie mark! 

Didn't they do an awesome job?! I asked for sky blue cupcakes with little clouds on the sides telling them I'd put a rainbow in the middle. They are perfect! And much better than I could do. SO TASTY.

There were also skittles, sour worms, dots, rainbow twizzlers, rainbow cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, starburst and cotton candy made from REGULAR SUGAR. Which, btw, tastes exactly the same but looks like it might be a bit harder to clean.

The rossettes were made with a pack of cardstock (that's just slightly less than one pack of 8.5x11 sheets). You fold them like a fan and fold the fan in half, staple, repeat 2x and staple those together to make a circle. I might post better pictures of them later.

I had the worst time trying to get them on the wall without putting anything damaging on the wall. And I couldn't get them to attach to each other. Finally, I busted out the Big Bite, put holes in all of them and tied them together with twine. Then I put a string of twine through bigger pieces and hung it on the hooks already there for pictures normally hanging there.

And FYI, if you have a publix and want some cheap bowls, I found those bowls at the Saginaw/Calera Publix (it will always be Saginaw to me!) for .50 each! I got 6, Mom got 2.

Lastly, I'll mention that this whole party was for a 26 year old. But you know what, we had more fun playing little kid games as adults than we probably ever had as little kids. Trust me when I say that Pinkie took a beating!

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  1. It looks awesome! You do the best parties! :)

  2. Rainbow Dash Surprise Birthday Party blog is so interesting to read through. The party theme is gorgeous and those paper flower backdrops are chic! There is not anything that I don’t love about this bash. All the d├ęcor is easy so I would surely be using this setup for my son’s birthday bash at the garden LA venue.