About Me

I'm a mishmash of all things girly and tomboy. I like to sew, cook, and craft. But I also love football, basketball, power tools, video games and comic books. I'm a big geek/nerd/dork and pretty proud to be.

I have a very quirky dog, Ichi, who is a Shiba Inu. I originally started a blog for her when I first got her, but it's kind of devolved into my place to put things that don't fit elsewhere. She's an adorable handful at times. 

I also live in Huntsville, Alabama which is pretty much the southeast mecca for nerds. We're all about space and rockets here. Never make the rocket scientist jokes in Huntsville, because it seems like everyone here is a rocket scientist. And it's pretty cool to be able to see one of the Saturn V's from your office, or your shopping mall, or the movie theater. Best part about Huntsville though, you can be unapologetically nerdy.

Lately, I've been wanting to take my existing hobbies and incorporate them in some not-quite-so-nerdy pursuits. So I made this blog to be all helpful and show off all my craftiness. And don't be surprised if you see my interests converge (like sports and sewing).

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