Monday, August 6, 2012

[Cameo] Getting to Know My Cameo

I cut a few more things the other day, just to see how it would go. I had heard it was better at intricate designs.

I thought the lace pennant I download seemed like a good place to start for detail. This is actually the back side, because it shows more detail. The pennant came with 2 images actually, but it was super easy to delete the one I didn't want (ungroup, select the one you don't want, and then delete). 

This DEFINITELY cut better than the Cricut. Granted, it was a brand new blade and a brand new mat, so I'm not sure if it's an entirely fair fight. But in my experience, this was better. 

Here's the front of the pennant. I was already using some pretty Halloween paper for another project, so I figured I just it cut it out of this. Lesson learned: don't do intricate designs on intricately designed paper. It just looks too busy. 

And TADA, here's my Cameo. And it has a new control panel overlay. This is one of the included images. My favorite color is green and holiday is Halloween, so I figured I'd use this paper for it. While the design looks bad on the pennant, it looks great on my Cameo. And best part: should I want to replace's just cardstock. It's sticking around on it pretty good without anything other than clever shapes to keep it in place.

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  1. Looks like fun. I've been dreaming about all the things I could create with a Cameo. Possibilities are endless.