Monday, January 31, 2011

Video from My Pink Stamper

It's too cute, I can't not share. This came from Robyn at My Pink Stamper on her trip to CHA. I think part of me finds it so entertaining because I'm a huge Auburn fan. We don't treat our mascot like a guy in a costume, we treat him like he's a anthropomophic tiger named Aubie. Thus why we will never let Lee Corso wear Aubie's disembodied head.

Sorry, slight tangent. But you get the point. Aubie's Aubie, not a guy in a suit. And in this video Cricut is Cricut. Makes me want to see them together. Sorry for it being too big for the main part of the page. But watch Cricut have fun with his/her coworkers.And it gets slightly into the new anniversary Cricut. And with my affinity for all things lime green...WANT!


If you aren't familiar with Aubie (and don't understand my tangent), I posted a video to raise your awareness of the winning-est mascot in the NCAA after the cut . Oh and if you want a little plush Cricut, there was some talk about those appearing on the Cricut website after CHA, so you might check it out.

See! They would get along extremely well I think.Oh and he finished 2nd this year at the National Mascot Competition, in case you were wondering.

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