Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sewing Pet Peeve: Running out of thread!

The plan for this weekend (besides cleaning the house) was to clean out some of the unfinished projects. Namely, I was gonna work on the double wedding ring quilt top. But lo and behold, I'M OUT OF WHITE THREAD?!!

Okay, well, not quite out, but it's certainly not enough. So I've been making more fabric flowers to use it up. Sad thing is that I realized this immediately after I got home from the new Joann's in town. Now I have even more partially completed projects as I've had to take the time to cut out the pieces of my neice's buggy cover and aprons for my sister and I. 

I was able to get one big chunk of stuff off my plate: the red plaid headbands! There are 9 of the 10 finished. One's bow piece will have to be resewn, so it's still on the table. 

So what do you think? Stay tuned for results on the aprons. And I think I'll start working on even more projects that involved the rolled hem foot so I can give a tutorial on that. Sorry there's nothing overly fancy today, but trying to get through my backlog is gonna take a while. 

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