Friday, October 21, 2011

[Halloween] Masks!

Some people, it seems, have a problem with coming up with a Halloween costume. I don't understand why they wouldn't want to wear a Halloween costume...but it is not for me to judge. However, it is my party. (And I'll cry if I want to!) And I like costumes. It makes it more fun to me, getting to be someone you're not.

Therefore, I have a plan! Remember the mustaches and glasses from before? Well the Chic and Scary
cartridge has masks in it. And what's more fun than a masquerade party! Since Jessica and I couldn't get into the Dragon*Con masq....i'm gonna have my own! So I pulled out papers I thought were good and started going to town.

Bonus for mostly blue and orange! 

After I cut them, I attached them to Popsicle sticks. Now to figure out where to put them!

If I recall correctly, I cut them at 8" since I remembered that the glasses were cut out of 8.5" paper, though these were cut from 12x12. 

Party goers, there should be plenty to go around. And I'll grab the mustaches and other glasses as well. So if you don't have or don't want a traditional costume...try this!

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