Friday, May 20, 2011

YourStory Photo and Sizzix

You have 2 1 choices on this post: you can watch the video which I'm SURE is terrible as my camera kept moving and it's kind of upside down. Or you can read about it under the cut and check the pictures. I just wanted to make the video but clearly I need to practice a bit more. (The majority of the video apparently didn't save to the memory card, so, no more choices. However, it wasn't really upside did constantly pan to my left though.)

Among my craft shopping spree items were a Sizzix Big Shot and a YourStory Photo which is the baby brother of the YourStory. The YourStory Photo can only bind and only up to 5x7, it can't laminate. I also bought a few new cricut cartridges, but we'll get to that later. Here's the video; pictures and explanation (if you don't want to watch my terrible attempt at a video) are after the cut as previously stated.

This is the Sizzix Big Shot. It can emboss and do die cuts. I'm gonna use it to emboss mainly, but I also bought a bunch of Tim Holtz dies (which I haven't gotten in yet). It has a platform with tabs (there are instructions on it) and 2 glass plates to wrap around your item. 

And this is the YourStory Photo. The pictures were all taken post video, so I have no progress shots. I cut a pack of 12x12 white cardstock into 4x6 pieces to be the pages of my notebook. You just turn it on, wait for it to heat up, stick it spine down pushing it a bit, push the timer button, then wait for it to beep saying it's done. Then, don't be tempted to check it. Just stick it in the cooling rack on the back (like in the picture). It takes about 5 minutes to cool down. 

If you get the Yourstory Photo on HSN, it's about $20 and it comes with 28 folders (14 4x6's and 14 5x7's). If you try to buy replacement folders (the kind that will already have the glue in them), it's $20 for 12 of the 5x7's and $15 for the 4x6's. So you might just buy 2 if you want more folders. There are folks that found a way to make their own folders, I have yet to try it. I'm going to though. I'll let you know how it goes.

Here's my first try. This is the one that I mistakenly checked before it cooled. The ribbon I happened to have, I cuttlebug'd the front (embossed it, if you aren't familiar with the scrapbooking community) and cut out a plume from the Sentimentals cartridge (see below). 

 Here are my new cricut cartridges. I also got the Wrap It Up cartridge.

Here's the 2nd try, the one that was in the cooling rack. The flower is from Wrap It Up. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the folder is HOT PINK. 

Here it is with pretty ribbon. Again, I just had it. But it definitely hides the lack of dots on the end. 

 And here's everything I used. I did the Cricut stuff ahead of time, but it was possible to do it while the power comes on or while it's cooling. So all in all, it would probably only take about 15 minutes, if that. And I mentioned it on the video that never was, but I'm kind of disappointed in the pink ATG gun. I thought from the packaging it would be light pink, but it's not even really hot pink, it's more like fuchsia. For reference, the big shot is pale pink, the folder is hot pink and note that the ATG gun matches neither. That's quite a bit of pink for someone that doesn't really like it.

Sorry about the video. I have the introduction part and where I introduce the products, but then I failed big time. Since you can't watch mine, go watch Robyn's at My Pink Stamper. 

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