Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Halloween] Quick and Easy Decor

While these were not cut with my can definitely use your cricut to do it. I just happened to find a pack of cutouts for $1 at Dollar Tree! 

The bats are headed towards the attic!
I believe it was Martha Stewart that had the idea to put bats going up the wall like this. I love it. 

Oh, this was with the cricut. I believe it's from the Chic and Scary cartridge. This picture is Cafe at Night, so I'm redubbing it "Haunted Manor at Night" since I covered the cafe. I'm hoping that with the house lit only by candles, the yellow from the awning will make it look extra spooky.

I also saw on the Martha Stewart site, covering up black and white pictures with black cut outs. These were again from Chic and Scary. Bonus for covering up a tree with a tree! 

Another view of the Dollar Tree bats!

And on my baseboards: dollar tree cats! I was hoping I had a pack of rats, but alas....cats. Used enough "-at" words? Hat? Mat? Sat? Yeah, that's enough. 

Like the good little former college student that I am...everything is attached with sticky tac. One instance of all of that and I do NOT miss living in a dorm. 

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