Thursday, October 20, 2011

[Halloween] Vampire Bite Cupcakes

The cooking has begun! And until this moment, I didn't even realize that I made Vampire Bite Cupcakes during Vampire Diaries! Listen up vampires: stop eating cupcakes!

This was batch 1 of 2 for a total of 48 cupcakes. SHHH.. don't tell my trainer. You can, however, mention it to my coworkers...who inevitably get the leftovers. Here's the recipe. I used just a box mix though and can of icing.

I also got all the plates and platters and holders down out of the attic and put them on the table. It's not decorated yet, but GIVE ME TIME.

Yesterday I put together all the rest of the coffin treat boxes. I opted not to do the chocolate sucker things that I got from Michael's because I was tired of being on my feet. It was a long day at work and cooking and set up for a few hours straight...too much. should see the table...where would I put them?

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