Thursday, August 11, 2011

[Costumes] Other green pigtail moments

OMG, a post that didn't take me forever to think about writing...except it did...because I realized this was almost a month ago (yep, Persacon was that long ago).

I really don't know why (maybe it's the pink tone to my face) but there's just something about the green pigtails that really works. But I knew this going into Persacon, so I kind of made all my costumes for it roll with it. So here's another.

Tada. This is the yukata/skirt outfit that has the rickrack on it. I told you it would be fine. It's around the yellow. This is supposed to be kind of off the shoulder, but that had logistical problems. Other than those logistical problems, it was pretty comfy. Of course, it's all cotton, so it should be comfy.

Other pictures (while I"m at it): I bought the Billionaire cartridge for my cricut and whipped up a massive amount of mustaches and glasses after I saw them on Joy's Life. They were entertaining. Many pictures were taken, though I don't have them all on this computer.

 Some chose to tape the cardstock mustaches to them, instead of using the attached sticks.

I also made felt mustaches from Urban Threads. They were softer, so they were usually the mustache of choice. There were alternate colors (like the brown Andy is sporting) but no alternate styles.

I think for Halloween, I'm going to make the top hats, glasses, maybe the monocles, pipes, and mustaches on the card and have more fun with them.

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