Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day...Cupcakes!

I picked up the cupcake wrapper cartridge from Walmart the other day and was dying to try it. And I thought I had red, white and blue cake mix (turned out to be cookie mix). But I did have others and so a friend and I set out to Michael's for red and blue gel dye and cute papers.

Why did my camera port in all the pictures sideways?

We made 3 different cupcake wrappers and attempted our luck at fancier icing. 

I had white icing with sprinkles that were stars and stripes. I cut the icing into thirds and mixed in the food coloring to make it red, white and blue. I then put the red into a piping bag with a star tip. It did not hold like I thought it did and it went far less. So we decided to ice the blue and white cupcakes the normal not fancy way. 

Cupcake tower giving us space to work. 

While the cupcakes were baking, I used paper I was going to shred anyway to figure out the wrappers. I started with Star2 and it looked pretty good, especially if I had managed to make my icing tall. 

Then we cut it out with cardstock. While I worked the cricut, my friend got all the little bits out. Isn't it pretty!!!

And with the cupcake in it. You can tell how the cupcake needs to be taller, but it looks kind of okay. So we'll call this one "just right". 

And this is where I explain the need for the 3 Bears terminology. This is the Flag (perfect for Memorial Day right?) and it is WAY too big. 

See! Far too big. But hey, sprinkles! 

And then there was Star3. This was far too small. I'm also not sure how I feel about the edges on it. 

This was with the smallest of the cupcakes. And it doesn't fit. 

And here they all are. Red fancy piped icing. Blue plain. White with sprinkles. We each had ONE (as we're on diets) and while watching Camelot. The rest will probably go to work. Happy Memorial Day!!!

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