Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Was I Making ANSWER!

My friend uploaded the pictures today, so now I can show you what I was up to!

It's Quinn from the Season 1 Lady Gaga episode of Glee! I hear I was on the news, but I can't find a link to it. I got 2nd which included a new Glee CD and an iTunes gift card. And oddly enough, I lost to a girl dressed as Rachel (it's funny because I was Quinn). 

I had the eyelashes, but the glue apparently fell off my coffee table when I was getting everything together and thus didn't have it. And I didn't have time to roll my hair, but I still had fun. And LOL at the shoes I wore to my senior prom. 

Dress is made from the backside of a satin. I have a petticoat on for poof. The hem has horsehair braid laced into it. Wire is 12 gauge and still not wide enough (9 yards of it) and was hot glued onto the back of the dress in such a way that it was flat in the back allowing me to sit! Gloves are white opera length gloves from party city that I used fuchsia rit dye on. I started on Saturday night and got the main dress done. Then I added the wire Sunday and dyed the gloves Monday. Probably a grand total of 6 hours. 

I got a lot of looks, let me tell you. But I don't think I ever got any "what the hell" looks. Most people were just amused. 

Also, despite the fact that I was wrapped in wire (that was falling off...yeah..don't put a dress involving hot glue in your car all day), it was comfy. I had planned to change back to normal clothes for the episode, but I was too comfy. 

OH THE EVENT: Last fall, our local fox affiliate did a glee night for the Britney/Britney episode. There was a contest and I won 2nd as Sue Sylvester. So when they announced that they were doing it again, I jumped at the chance to try to win first. Alas, it was not meant to be and the shindig was far less organized this go round. But, it was fun. I won a few more prizes by the end of the night. Since some were duplicates, I handed them out to folks that were sitting near me. 

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