Monday, January 16, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Sorry it took so long. It seems this fell into the timeslot of "super busy at work". Lots of overtime was had. Not only did I not have a chance to pick a winner until this weekend, I haven't sewn anything since the pincushion!
Unrelated picture of the Bahamas, so this post isn't all text!

But Christmas decorations are...mostly...put away and some reorganizing of some closets has occurred. Ideas have been had. So when work slows down a bit, I'll be back to sewing/crafting fairly regularly.

I was also supposed to have my serger class this weekend which didn't happen and has been scheduled (after some pushback from me) for this weekend. They had originally told me it wouldn't happen until Feb. but that's ridiculous! I've had it since Dec. and have no idea how to even get it threaded (followed the instructions and everything...looked for youtube video. no luck).

But, moving on: the winner of my first giveaway is:

So that means that it's

Jessica Pierre'auguste

 Congrats! I'll get in touch with you soon about what address to send it to! 

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