Monday, March 25, 2013

[Presser Feet] Blind Hem Foot #5

If I can find good enough videos, I feel no need to make my own. So for now, have some videos from Bernina and other places I can find!

Here's the Bernina video for the Blind Hemstitch Foot (#5)

But that video doesn't show you what to do afterward or before to get the fabric laid out like that. If you look closely though, you can see how it jumps to catch the fabric.

This shows you how to fold the fabric at the beginning. But she says to pin it (which is probably what I would do) BUT, most people would tell you to press it. FYI.  And then she shows you to iron it. That's pretty much the gist of how to use a Blind Hem Foot.

BUT, I rarely do a blind hem by machine because it has been ingrained in me to hate those little marks.

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