Friday, December 30, 2011

Captain America Purse

Those that costume know that one of the big problems girls have is a lack of pockets. So prior to Dragon*Con, I had set out to make a matching purse for my USO girl costume. But I ran out time. I did NOT run out of fabric though.

Post thanksgiving, I finally had time. I found a pattern (The Katie Bag! LOL!) on a website the day before my trip and in the 2 hours between work and birthday partying, I cut the pieces.

So I present my new Captain America Purse!

It will match!
I used the leftover red and white satin for the pleated portions. The straps and main part of the top is the blue satin with the sequin portion done as the "belt".

Captain America comic book fabric for the lining!

All the fabrics came from Joann's including the cute Captain America cotton I used for the lining! I got it around the time the movie came out, so no guarantees it's still there. (I checked the site and it wasn't. Search results for "marvel", fabric, licensed.

Also, why yes, that is a magnetic snap. 1st time I've ever done one. I got kind of confused and had to make some adjustments to keep from having to cut more fabric and more interfacing. But since this is not an every day purse, it works. 

forgive the fuzziness, I had to show off the star.
I searched and scoured the internet and my town for a star belt buckle. I had one in mind but would accept anything. Alas, no luck. Until I went to etsy (which I should have tried first!) and TADA. Bonus points for etsy sellers always being super awesome!

The pattern called for the bottom to be more gathered, but the fake striped fabric caused the threads to be secure, so that didn't happen. It was only 1/2 an inch bigger than it was supposed to be though. 

Resolution wise, I think I did well: 
  • used existing fabric
  • finished something off the todo list
  • learned a new skill (magnetic snaps)
Mid construction, but better of the lining...although sideways

Also, I got hammered in the new grommets for my sleeping beauty corset, pinned Luka, Lili's ruffles and Talho's zipper....and couldn't find the white thread to fix ANY of it. But with the help of my mother, the attic is cleaned out and I tossed 4 bags + 1 box of garbage out of there plus we deconstructed a lot of boxes that may be used later! Winter Cleaning! 

Oh and new picture taking style and new blog design! (It's been a very productive week off.) 

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