Monday, October 3, 2011

[Costumes] More Pictures As Promised

I don't have all the pictures back yet (because I'm lazy and haven't told Matt which ones I like). My trip was okay. It had some great moments and it had some terrible moments. I made new friends, which is pretty much always the goal. I got to be silly in silly costumes. Once again, I was reminded that heels are not my friend and that I generally don't like marching in parades.

Just prior to the parade.

Rather than just kind of info-dump all the pictures, I'm gonna redirect you to where they are already loaded. Okay, so it's not really out of concern for your browser and your scroll bar. I'm just too lazy to redownload them, find them on the computer (which never puts things in logical places) and then upload them here as well. So, linking time.

1) USO girl:

There were a lot of us. And there were a lot of Captains.
There were some amusing moments. And there was a lot of pain in my feet as ballroom dance shoes are not really meant for walking on asphalt. Lots of people liked seeing us in the parade though. If you've never been to Dragon*Con and are unaware of the parade...check this out. It's a video (a long one) of the parade. I hear I'm in it at 20:27 and that ghostbusters (well Brock at least) are in it at 5:53.

2) Ilithyia from Spartacus: Blood and Sand:
Whatever it is that I've done, I look pretty okay with it.

Oh the silliness with my decayed hand prop. If you recall, this is the evil fabric costume where the fabric frayed everywhere.

3) Katherine (1864) :
Aunt Jenna! (Sara Canning)
This is the one I still need to let Matt know about proofs. We got chased out of some parts of the Marquis Towers. Getting chased away by an angry mob...vampire problems.

4) Katherine (present):

If those shoes for the USO girl hurt my feet badly, these made me feel like I couldn't walk for HOURS. All of this was just bought or I already had it (like the belt). They also probably contributed to the pain the next day.

5) Mary Jane
Myspace shot! At Hard Rock.

I have so very few pictures of this one as it was a lazy costume. Tshirt with iron on spidey, red wig, jeans. DONE. I didn't wear it for very long.

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