Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[Costumes] USO Girl Finished!

So my friend, who I may have already named previously, is not typically a comic book junkie. But she's all about Captain America (gee I wonder why? *wink*). So after she saw the movie, she asked about making these. They are actually the promo version that girls wore on the Intrepid for an actual USO event. 

Initially I was flying through it. At the point of the Hat post, all I had left were the lapels. But, I got side tracked getting the antebellum dress done. Those stars are evil with their thickness. 

But hizzah! (Or should I say hoo-ah?) It's done and cute and ready to be packed. Expect more pictures of this one than any of the rest. I put a snap at the bottom of the lapel while I was all snap happy with the bustle of the green dress. And I put pockets on the back of my belt for various cards I'll need while there. 

Ooo...almost forgot to make cookies! I got the Captain america cookie cutter from Williams-Sonoma. 

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