Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[Tutorial Tuesday] BBQ Towels

What is the appropriate gift to give to a brother-in-law when you're family has spending limits? Done the giftcard thing, was hopping to go a bit more personal this time around.

And I found THIS.

Mine didn't come out quite so colorful, mostly because I was limited on the towels that I felt made good "clean up sauce, grease" towels. And I really hope they aren't used to put out fires.

Other than the towels: ALL SCRAPS. These embroidery/applique designs came from LynniePinnie.com. The wheels and burgers are supposed to be appliqued, I felt they were a bit small to worry with (not sure my scissors could do it).

Hanging on my grill...that never gets used. Someone cook me a steak!

The loops are just scrap blue fabric. WOO. I even had LOTS of velcro leftover. I have a whole jar of it.

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