Saturday, January 29, 2011

Retro Headbands

Can you tell that all my base headbands came in the mail the other day? It's been fun. So, with the 1/4 inch plastic headbands I grabbed a 1/2 yard of fabric from Hancock's and made 4 melony plaid retro (50s) headbands. I'm probably gonna keep one for myself as it will match an outfit I'm planning.

I think it's adorable! It came from this tutorial in case you want to make one yourself. And I got the 1/4 headbands on Etsy.  

So here/s the bow at the top. And you can see the melon color palette better. 

And the points. I can't decide if I want to tack them down like in the tutorial or not. 

And the band is covered. For everyday use, I actually liked the covered band better, so I think I will be ordering more headbands to just cover with the leftovers. Also, I'm thinking about going through my space-bag-o-scraps and seeing if there are any pieces big enough to do this. 

Her tutorial used fabric that might have been this, or at least looked very similar. It's red flannel. I have a ton of this left over from making a skirt last year. The 1/2 yard was enough for 4. The scraps of this I had were enough for 10.  So here they are, cut and ready to be sewn. 

It took about 20 minutes to sew all the tubes and turn them for 4.  Then it took about 2 hours of watching tv (so not a solid 2 hours) to attach them to the headbands and get everything good and attached. And then I realized I'd done the bows wrong (upside down), but redoing them only took about an hour. So the right way took a lot less time!

And here's my big ol' stack of ribbon to work through for more bib necklaces and hair pins. Most of it came from my Lasik errand test run to Joann's. Some I found in a drawer. 

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