Sunday, January 30, 2011

Experimenting with my Cricut

I tested the adhesive felt a while back. Today, I just wanted to play. So first I tested a scrap of craft foam thinking "I have TONS of this leftover". Again, using the Storybook cartridge, partly because those are the letters I want, partly because I think it's my only font cartridge.

Looks okay right? But small? Well, keep going for an ugly mess. 

Next I tried adhesive backed craft foam from Hobby Lobby, hoping that this would solve the pulling the felt did. I also used the shadow feature so that they would be a little chunkier. 

I'm not sure if this is a depiction of it going well or not. This is the bottom line. Of note: the rollers will smush the foam where those 2 lighter lines are. Just so you know. 

End result. Not terrible, but not usable really. Unless I want to go for something that kind of looks like it was carved out of wood. All those little pieces are on the letters, not on the mat. There's less cleanup witht he foam, but it still left a good mess and I wished I had used an already messy mat since it was adhesive backed.  So I wouldn't really recommend this. Just roll with the normal craft foam (plus, WAY cheaper). 

Finally, let's play with vinyl! Isn't it pretty! I though I would need the deep cut blade for this, but lo and behold, I checked out this chart and discovered I was wrong. I set my settings and began cutting. I'm still amazed at how it looks like really pretty paint or like a really awesome fruit roll up. 

What did I cut with it? Well, you'll have to come back for when I'm done (might be this week, I hope). 

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