Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Soap

I think this was one of those crafts I've stared at in Michael's since I was in high school. It always seemed neat. So after watching a TON of tutorials at soap queen tv, I set out to make some. Bonus, mom thinks goat's milk soap will help my skin and this way I can make a good supply of it.

The kit I bought.

Turns out, basic soap is pretty easy. You need the soap base, something to cut it into chunks, a mold and (optional), colorants and a fragrance. And that's pretty much it.

Here's my "thing to cut it into chunks". They sell one at Michael's for like $9. This, which has a more ergonomical handle was $4 at Target. Just so you know.

And here's my mold. It's got 4 cavities and they are all different. But one is a massager and one is a fluer de lis, SOLD.

 Here's my soap all chunked up into 1 inch ish pieces in my glass cup.

This is how much soap that is off the block (which was 1 pound aka 16 ounces).

I colored it lavender since I was using lavender fragrance and poured it into the mold. It took a LOT of purple to make it this shade. 

The purple was bought separately from the kit, but the fragrance came in it. 

Finished purple soap. It looks pretty, but it was still pretty pliable when I popped it out, so the next batch I let wait longer. 

Now you see the difference between the purple and the white. Apparently you can do all this with any silicone ice mold as well, so guess who will have some avengers themed soaps soon. ME!

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