Friday, May 11, 2012

The Post in which Katie and Lauren Fail at Cake Pops

So I had a fairly brilliant idea the other night: let's bust out that cake pop maker from Black Friday and make some cake pops. And let's ice them like My Little Ponies. Brilliant right? I know. I'm awesome. Well, with the ideas anyway.
Oh look, Wilton meant for this to happen, because they sell the melts for the mane 6!

I have sort of weird aspect to my domestic life: if it's supposed to be hard....I can do it. And well. If it's supposed to be easy, I'm going to fail. Case in point: never ask me to BAKE chocolate not from a box cake mix or slice and bake cookies (although I'm okay with chocolate chips). I burn it every time. No idea why.

I can make any flavor of cheesecake you like. People tend to like the Bailey's Irish Coffee flavor the best (I like the lemon). I can make meringue until the cows come home. But I can't make royal icing.

Now that your hopes are pretty well deflated, I can express that the cake pop maker expresses that it should be easy. Dipping a cake ball into chocolate and having it come out nice and even? Supposed to be easy.

Not for us. We do not understand why we fail so magnificently, but next time we're filming it. 

 I forgot to take pictures of the cake pop maker itself, but suffice to say, it didn't engender much confidence. We think we confused it by following a blogger's tip and then we got confused when it got confused and opened them too early.

These are all the pops we ended up with. Some we attempted to repair with candy melts.
So when we decided we didn't like the results, we went with the old fashioned way: bake the rest of the batter as a cake and use frosting to combine the crumbs. So we preheated the oven and started crumbling. And looking for frosting. Which we didn't find. But we found marshmallows....that will work right?  Not overly. They kept cooling down too much.

Nevertheless, we made 9 cake pops that held together. And we had no trouble getting the sticks to hold tight. That seems to be the part that no one understands, so naturally, we did. See how this works? 

Rainbow Dash was first. We didn't get a very smooth consistency on many of the cake pops. But that might be due to depth of the cups.

The mane 6 with Princess Celestia, Spike, and Trixie
 The original plan was to have the cake pops and drizzle the main colors atop them. That way I could take them home for mother's day and my family would be none the wiser and my 2 year old niece would LOVE IT. You can kind of see that on Dash, Fluttershy and Princess Celestia. But we also figured out that food coloring makes the candy melts gummy. That eventually became the consistency of play dough. AH YEAH, now we're in our element. 

 For Rarity, I rolled the candy melts like a snake and then curled it around. It oddly works (another picture forthcoming showing off the side.

 AJ was the first aspect of "this will not drip right" even though the yellow had no food coloring mixed in. Somehow Lauren globbed it on into bangs and a pony tail shape. Then she wanted to see what marshmallow ears looked like.

Rainbow Dash
 Here's Rainbow Dash, who probably looks the best out of the intended bunch although she doesn't have all her colors. Give us time, we'll figure out Dash.

 Fluttershy is probably the best looking BALL of them all. She's pretty smooth. Somehow that makes sense that she would be the prettiest.

Twilight Sparkle
 We were long past failing and had no idea what to do for Twilight Sparkle. So we just globbed a bunch of purple on there.

Pinkie Pie
 Like Applejack, Pinkie's candy melts weren't gummy. Maybe gel food coloring works better, no idea. But we slathered it on there and you know what, it really works. She looks like Pinkie Pie. Don't ask us how we achieved that, we have no idea. She's also the biggest and heaviest of the pops. And she's the only one I've eaten. The hair came off in one chunk.

We had 9, so we made Trixie!
 We decided next time Trixie gets candy coating to make her sparkle. But this was as good as we could do for her.

Spike from the front

Spike from the side.
 Spike turned out pretty well too. He's one of the smaller balls and oddly kind of is shaped like him. We took the playdough like green and gave him "spikes".

Princess Celestia
 One of the "this looks sort of like I intended". Not much to say on her.

Rarity's curls

AJ's ears

Pinkie's poof
So yeah, failure, but we learned. Lessons include: just because BabyCakes says it's nonstick, still use some spray. Fill the reservoirs up almost to the top. Don't unplug it between heating up and baking like some bloggers suggest. The normal way is probably the best way (though the cake pop maker WAS quicker). Don't try to dye candy melts. Be okay with laughing at yourself. And Vampire Diaries is awesome (we watched while we cooked, unrelated to our mistakes).

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  1. I found I had trouble with normal cake pops, but on a second go I made them with crumbled chocolate cake and peanutbutter (instead of frosting). Then I froze them for a couple hours and then dipped them and they were fantastic--so much easier than the normal way and also not so sickeningly sweet.