Monday, April 16, 2012

Feather Earrings

Alright, my house is FINALLY clean post multiple weekends of travel in a row. I still have one yet-to-be-unpacked bag, but it's small. As such, I've updated quite a few websites this weekend as well. Time for this blog:

First up in my list of backlogged posts: feather earrings!

I kept eyeing the ones at the Icing every time I went to visit a friend. But I have tons of feathers, it seemed silly to buy them.

I also have quite a few other pieces of jewelry that needed fixing, so I had already bought a crimper. But here's what else you'll need:

That's a set of various pliers (you can never have enough pliers). I only one set though. Basically, you need one that will open up the jump rings.

You'll also need the aforementioned crimper and feathers as well as jump rings, crimping beads and earring hooks.

To make them, grab however many feathers you want and insert them into the crimping bead. Then press down with the crimper. Then open up the jump ring and thread the earring hook and crimped bead through it. Then close it back. And TADA, new earrings.

Please ignore my lack of makeup
Easy Peasy. I may now finally try to put my owl necklace together now that I have the proper tools.

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