Monday, April 23, 2012

[Costumes] Viola Progress Part 1: The Top

Part 1 shall be the corset and the main part of the bodice:

I used a simplicity pattern to make the corset, serged the edges (because I can!), then put in the boning channels and spiral steel bones.

Partially serged

Unboned and sitting on the dress form to judge the shape of it. 
 I draped the pattern for the bodice's top portion. My dress form is awesome and has lines for princess seams and side seams which made it MUCH easier. The underneath was just the sturdiest white fabric I could find in Joann's. The purple is casa satin in eggplant.

Pinned together
 After I had attached the nude spandex panels, ribbon "laces", and home made bias tape, it was time to combine the 2: corset and bodice. I took a post it, cut it in thirds and then stapled it back together to determine which sides should be wear. Then I made sure that the top layer of ruffles (rolled hems, lavender chiffon from Hancock's) was correctly between the 2. This way, when the corset is folded back, the ruffles are now sewn in place and sticking up like it should!

Pretty close to the finished product
I took some of the leftover bias tape and made the top strip that looks like it's holding it all together, but is in actuality, just decoration. And it's only sewn on the top! If I had sewn it on the bottom, I ran the risk of hitting a bone. I could have tacked it down, but then it could have awkwardly hung while I moved. It didn't seem to need to even be tacked down to stay like I wanted it to, so I just left it at the top.

Like I said, I have a TON of progress pictures on this, so stay tuned for the ruffled skirt, the cape and choker, and the fake embroidery all over the bodice. And maybe soon: SHOES (they haven't been made yet).

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