Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The post that I forgot to title!

Well, I guess I can use the excuse of not being able to log in for the prolonged absense. I went to log in this morning on Firefox and it spit back and error about cookies, so I'm updating it. No idea how long that's gone on.

But just because I haven't been writing about my crafty exploits over here does not mean I haven't had them. My dining room table is covered in projects. Much spray painting has been had (realitively unsuccessfully). And I took on an ambitious project that is finally mostly done. So can being "busy" also be an excuse? Or how about going out of town and having others come into town?

Aforementioned HUGE project. Yay for Soul Calibur always having an easy way to get reference images
I have about 4-5 posts worth of pictures on my camera, but I haven't even had time to load them yet!

At least I can show you some progress pictures I took on my phone. Ignore the probable lack of makeup in most if not all of them. Going through the pictures, I probably have 2-3 posts of progress pictures on the big project in and of itself. Mom got kind of mad at me when I said I might not enter it into a contest.
Well, I can show a couple of progress shots from my phone on the big project. It has involved a TON of satin stitching, more rolled hems than anyone wants to do in a lifetime, making my own bias tape, sort of making jewelry and taking a few more stabs at wig styling. Basically, lots of stuff I didn't have experience in. So TONS of learning. But I also learned that I don't suck at satin stitching. And I don't suck at drill curls! And did I mention, this also has a spiral steel corset built in. Yeah, that took time.

Drill Curls with a mostly finished cloak.

What I do apparently suck at is getting this text aligned to the left today. Alas, I don't think anyone will really care. Clearly this costume has taken up the majority of my time.

Blurry picture of bodess progress. Plus, the finished skirt. This was a while ago.
Oh look, NOW it aligns to the left. Stupid editor! In other events:

Blitzball Goal
 Lauren and I had to engineer the new Blitzball goals. It took a while for us to get them to where they would stand right. They are still super unsteady though. One hit to the corner and the whole goal crumbles to pieces. This we discovered Saturday during their first game. It was tons of fun and if you're in Nashville this weekend, come join us at MTAC!

I'm gonna have someone video the games this time. Gotta make plays afterall! So I should be able to grab some screenshots of the awesomeness that is Blitzball (basically water rugby).

The Lobby on March 22 of the movie theater, just before Midnight
Another time stealer turned out to be Hunger Games. I read the first book in time for the movie. Then I had to read the next 2 books istantly. Took about a week. We went to the midnight showing, which was PACKED. Luckily our theater is AWESOME and has assigned seats and a 21+ section. The 21+ section is in a balcony/bar area (it has 2 bars). So we chilled up there where it was much less crowded.

We also dressed up. Once those pictures are edited to be usable (they are super dark), I'll post that too. Lauren's capital costume was AWESOME.

Like I said, ignore lack of makeup
I've been wanting to make my own earrings for a while. I have tons of feathers, and I keep being drawn to feather earrings in the icing. I had bought a crimper to fix some other earrings and necklaces that keep having the wire fall out. While mom was here, she wanted to go to Michaels. I ended up spending $75 on various crafts. Including jump wrings and earring backs and crimp beads. And last night, I made my first pair of feathery earings. TADA. Craft skills level up!

That's not all the projects, not by far, but that's all the pictures I have on my phone of them. More later!

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