Sunday, January 29, 2012

Organizing and a Bit of Sewing

I have finally gotten back into sewing after not really feeling it post-holidays. Maybe I just needed to take a break from all the crafting. Meanwhile, I've tried to reorganize costumes and various spaces in the house. But I started again today and it's gone rather quickly. Plus a trip to Joann's should lead to mroe work clothes (that's the plan anyway).

Pretty picture time? I guess I'll start with the skirt. BUT JUST A PICTURE.

In progress new work-skirt

Not long after Christmas, Mom came up to help me reorganize my attic, which had become a huge mess. Eventually it became Mom-breaks-down-empty-boxes and Katie-stays-in-attic-organizing-and-throwing-boxes-down-the-stairs. It is also not unknown for me to throw things off the balcony since nothing downstairs can be impacted that much by it.
I can WALK in my attic and not have to move anything to get to anything now!
The attic looks a lot better and I'm far less prone to lose thing (never did find my reindeer candelabra before Christmas). We also made some plans to add some space to the attic. The roof continues to slope which means there is space above this that just needs plywood. (This is a walk in attic.) Also, boxes are now strategically stacked to keep Ichi from unstable parts (she likes to run inside).

hanging wreaths!
All the wreaths are hanging up now, which also freed up a LOT of space. And they went in a portion where the walls are tall, but I can't stack any boxes there because of the door. And look, the 2 boxes of garland I don't recall buying! Found it when I reorganized. Wish I had found it before I bought 2 more just before Thanksgiving.

All the kitchen stuff that doesn't fit in my kitchen! And in GIANT LETTERS "REINDEER CANDELABRA". This became the "kitchen and glass" shelf instead of "empty boxes" like before. And to the left, in a far easier place to get them out of, SUITCASES. I'm thinking it would be awesome to build some sort of shelving system for them all so they can scale the walls too.


I had planned to use this fabric for a pencil skirt, but decided I'd rather just have a skirt that fits at the top like a pencil skirt, but doesn't require the tailoring at the bottom as much. So here's the pattern I'm using:
Using Option B
And here's how it looks from the side (front picture at the top). I need to put the facing on at the top, iron all the seams, serge the seams, and them hem it. But the tailoring is DONE. WOO.

I bought a bunch of knit patterns and knit from Joann's last night to make some shirts. Can't wait to get it all finished! Back to the sewing room I go!

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