Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's still Tuesday right?

Man, when I fall off the wagon...I FALL HARD. I was doing so well in December having quite a few posts per week. And in Jan. I've just kind of gone MIA in comparison.

The saddest part is, it's not because I've been entirely forgetting to post. I haven't made anything since Christmas. I just haven't been in the mood. I have, however, been in a mood to clean. I'll probably take tomorrow to play catchup on the cleaning and reorganizing as today is Tutorial Tuesday.

And since I've not been in the craftiest mood but did recently go hog wild in JC Penny, Pier 1 and Kroger buying tasting dishes...let's do a Tasting Tutorial Tuesday. BTW, my Kroger is massive. There is no real way to explain this effectively. It's bigger than the JC Penny, thus the also shopping there. There's a full size starbucks, a deli, an olive bar, a cheese bar, a sushi bar, a hot bar, a salad bar, a take out area, and a cafe seating area with free wifi. During the tornado, when there was no power, they had 19 18-wheeler sized generators running the store and as such, it felt like nothing had changed. When I went in the day it opened they handed me a map. A MAP! And best part: totally on my way home.

One day, I'll make a "what can you make out of stuff from Kroger" post. But for now...let's taste some tutorials.

As always there are more on my pinterest board. I have a special one just for tasting party stuff of food that I think can become tasting party size. I'm also tempted to see if I can do an entire tasting party without having to cook thanks to Kroger.

I do have trouble trying to put together a small menu that makes sense together. Like I want to do soup + grilled cheese, plus cookies and milk (different pin on the board) and fries and the like. Maybe mini hamburgers. Would that be enough or not enough. The perils of planning a tasting party!

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