Thursday, February 2, 2012

[Costumes] Costume Organizing

I didn't stop with the attic (kitchen, I'm coming for you next!). I also cleaned Target out of suit sized garment bags and went to town on the costumes. I've lived in my house for about 3 years now and this is the 4th version of organizing costumes I've been through. It's a complex problem because I'd like to keep everything together but there are so many different pieces!

 This is the WAY Before. When I moved in, all the costumes were in garment bags. But I probably only had around 20-25 costumes. Maybe 30.

2009, In stackable boxes
 In 2009, I visited a friend and she had everything in boxes from Target that stacked. And they were big enough for costume + shoes + wigs. I printed out a new set of labels, bought a tons of boxes and changed to this plan. It is great because i just grab the boxes, which fit nicely in the back of my SUV, and off to a con/photoshoot I go.

2011 New Sewing Room
When I moved the sewing room to the loft, I thought this closet would work well for them. But as you can see, it's cramped as is. No room to expand AT ALL. It was also difficult to go through boxes, either stacked or in the closet, when I was missing a piece that's used in multiple costumes.

So back to garment bags I go.

Way more garment bags.
 I've gotten to about 50 costumes now. The labels for new bags have been created, but not attached yet. Some of them already have them, but they are on the wrong side from the closet at the apartment being oriented differently. They are pretty tightly squeezed in, so you can see how the collection has grown.

 Labels typically have the following (in case you are wondering): Reference picture, list of ALL pieces including undergarments, items used in multiple costumes are highlighted in yellow.
All that remains and needs to go in bags.
 Not QUITE finished yet, but finished with the majority. There's still about 5 or 6 that need to go in bags.
"shoe box"
And so that I could put more in the closet without bulging bottoms, here's the "shoe box". It's likely to go in the attic when I'm done. Also, one of the tubs that got cleaned out (not pictured) is the perfect height for wig heads! That will make traveling so much easier.

Alas, not the most glamorous post, or even the best pictures of organizing.

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