Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some Catching Up To Do

Whew! I finally have all the Halloween packed up and put away. And Murphy had a little bit to say about me intending to post Halloween pictures this weekend. More on that later. First: I WAS ON CNN. Well, all the USO girls that marched in the parade were, but still.

10 years of marching band. 7 years of school. I'm on CNN because I can sew.

You see, a friend and I went to Athens where there is an entire parade of homes of just antebellum houses. The intention was to take some cool shots with the fall whether and the big green civil war dress. On that task, we succeed...there was even a parade (not for me).

But after I went home, finished up disassembling decorations, putting them into the proper boxes and organizing the garage a little better, I decided to download the pictures to my computer. I got through Halloween okay, but it told me there wasn't enough space for the antebellum shots (half a gb of pictures!).

So I went to make space. AND I SOMEHOW DELETED iPHOTO. I did have a backup, but it was a year and a half old. And I'm weird and buy SD cards any time I find them cheap, so I don't tend to delete photos off them unless it's been like 3 years. This meant that with the exception of some shots I took for others that have already been given to them, I had all the pictures I wanted.

But it took all weekend. I finished up right before company arrived at my house. See, Murphy apparently had it out for me! Stupid Law.

Additionally, I finally picked out proofs from my photographer back in September. My bet is that I'll go from no pictures to TONS.

And last thing, I bought quite a few cartridges yesterday (all the project cartridges because you get double rewards points!) in prep for Christmas and Thanksgiving, so I went looking for ideas. LOOK at what I found (that has nothing to do with what I bought):

Angry Bird from a cricut!
I also picked up the newest OSED Holiday embroidery sets and they gave me 2 of the 3 from last year too! (One of the ones I forget to get.) Picked up quite a bit of stabilizer and thread too. Look out family, I knwo what you are all getting for Christmas!

*Runs to make things*

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