Sunday, August 28, 2011


Lots of stuff is done (see posts later) and I probably have one of the cleaner sewing rooms of all the seamstresses I know at this point. These were BEFORE I cleaned it up. I swear, I touched nothing.

I have a lot of boxes under the table in these pictures, that was all the stuff I needed for these projects. Thus, how it stayed pretty clean. I'm one of those people that puts stuff in baskets grouped together by their project. I blame my mother and her need to put everything in a ziplock bag my whole life. 

The table is pretty much cleaned off now and the boxes are gone from under the table. I also bought new fabric bins to hide some other things. All the projects that were sitting out (like the maroon yukata) are now in their own bins! 

I would say I have a problem, but hey, my sewing room is clean. And I knew where to find everything and thus bought less. 

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