Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Take that Target!

When I was planning my sewing room, I found a table top/shelve combination I liked at Target. See:

But look at that price tag! And that's not including the shelves it sits on! That's just the table top!!!! The shelves it sits on are about $200 EACH! So what did I do?
Well, for one, I read the reviews. The reviews pointed out that the shelves are 12 inches wide by 36 inches long and that closetmaid 3x3 cubies are ALSO 12x36. And they are normally 50, but frequently $40 per set. So that's what I grabbed. But I still had the "problem" of the table top.

No way am I paying 180 for a piece of plywood and some edging. But I lack a saw. COWORKERS TO THE RESCUE! I happen to have a coworker that really likes wood working, to the point that he has a lot of "orders" right now from folks at work. I showed him the listing on target and his response was "I'm in the wrong business". He was pretty amazed.

So, with his help, for all of $29.13, I have a brand new table top given to me today!

It's the piece underneath the scrap piece. It needs to be stained, but I should have some stain laying around that matches. If I don't, it's pretty cheap at Home Depot. And I KNOW I have polyurethane leftover from my armoire.

In case you want to copy it, here's what he did: buy a piece of 4x8 plywood, cut it down to size, wood glue the mitered edges on. Chances are, you can find someone who has the tools to allow for that.

So yay for a very nearly complete sewing room!!! And taking a "do-it-your-coworkers-self" approach instead of just shelling out money. Also, in the end, I'm not cheaper than JUST THE TABLE TOP, even if it were on sale. SCORE.

And if you've wondered how my dieting/gym time is going, I got a new heart rate monitor watch this weekend. It took a while to completely figure out but I've got it going now. Here are my stats from today's bootcamp:

Average Heart Rate: 147
Peak Heart Rate: 180 (really close to my max heart rate actually)
Min Heart Rate: 110 (just barely out of my ideal zone)
Calories burned: 640

And I have no idea what the rest of the information under "review" means. WOO! Drop weight, drop!

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