Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy Week was Crazy!

I totally lost my goal of 2 posts per week didn't I? Oh well, going to the emergency room is always a good reason to mess up your goals! Especially when you get misdiagnosed/ignored/generally treated like an idiot there. See, my week was crazy! Short story: my list of allergies is now a tad longer. And I learned a few things about Benadryl, which I will absolutely share towards the bottom.

Because this is all just fodder for the big show! MY SEWING ROOM IS DONE!!! Took a little more than 2 months, but that was mostly because of the above. The table just got to dry for a lot longer. Without further ado, PICTURES!!!

LOOKIE! It's HUGE! One yard wide and more than a yard long! Made folding fabric pretty amazing! (How do you think I did vs. the Target table top?)


I might go through some stuff I've already gone through, so bear with me a bit. But, I didn't think I had shown anyone the closet. Most of the boxes in here coordinate to my geekier pursuits and are labelled (though I need to make new ones) with a reference picture and a list of requirements with frequently used pieces highlighted in yellow as a reminder to check the box before I leave. Not that I shouldn't do that anyway as I'm forgetful. Oh and in there as well, my simplicity bias tape maker, which I have yet to use yet. BUT SOON. Yay for amazon rewards points!

Oh and you can see another use of a shoe caddy, on the door this time. It's got a few kinds of fabric and some other little things that work well in it. Like bobbin thread rolls. 

The shelves which I know you've seen before, but now with my Kevin Flynn Tron disc PROMINENTLY displayed. No, it's probably not staying there. No idea where to keep it. But it's a little cleaner now. And the banner looks SO MUCH BETTER now that I figured out the felt. 

Of all the boxes I acquired, I love these the most. They are perfect for their purpose and they stack! One has zippers and one has cording and I forget what the other has. 

Medium sized green boxes from Ikea. These turned out to be excellent for patterns (I need a third box) laid on their side. I tried to organize them by use and "had been used". 

All my accuquilt dies. And boxes of cricut stuff (ignore the label, I need to relabel things). 

All the mason jars and scrapbooking jars. They hold buttons, elastic, grommets, random green ornaments, random styrofoam balls, glue, velcro. You know, all the random crap you end up with at a 50% off notion sale. LOOK, it's my very own notions wall. 

Magazines all nice and hidden. 

Project bins. And a bin full of batting. These are REALLY big boxes. I think they are meant to hold magazines right side up. But they are GREAT for project bins. I just drop everything I need for a given project into the bin as I buy it and hopefully make sure I only have 4 projects going at a time (because that is the number of boxes I have. I'm kind of failing on that last part lately though. 

Sides of my table. I may need more fabricy bins. The plan of only having some is not as attractive as having all of the me thinks. All of the bins have fabric in them. All nicely folded on the back boards. I started planning a new project tonight and it was easy peasy to go through and figure out what I needed to buy and what I could get away without buying. YAY. 

Table with stuff on it. Like my one of my rotary mats (cant find the big one, wah!) and my lazy susan tool caddy thingy. I'm gonna be sew so productive!

Another angle to show how much space is in the underneath. Soon I shall find appropriate chairs (I want saddle chairs). 

More lazy susan tool caddy awesomeness. It holds a TON of stuff, like all the scissors and hammers and screwdrivers and marking pins and markers and extra pins and bottles of fray check. 

One more angle of the table: the one I intend to use it with. I believe it is big enough to be used as a cutting table while also hooking up a sewing machine on top should others come sew with me. 

Other set of shelves with more cubby holes. Lots of blankets to play on with the embroidery machine, now that it's going well. This reminds me to go buy 2 new feet from bernina while they are on sale. 

Not sure if I had shown the top caddy yet. It's got (look below) all the stabilizers, more blankets, spray adhesives, the camera and a BUNCH of heat-n-bond. And look on top, it's the accuquilt. And to the side, quilting rulers on a push pin on the wall.

Oh, last but not least, the Benadryl thing. I figured it's worth sharing now that we're getting into spring time, which means HELLO ALLERGIES. Through a blunder of the ER and the better advise of my family doctor, it has come to my attention that it's very easy to take too much Benadryl. I looked it up today so that I could understand just how bad the ER blunder was: 4 doses of Benadryl is THE MAX on the day. Double check when the ER tells you to take 2 every 4 HOURS. Slurring your words will scare your coworkers and your mother!

Maybe that wasn't last. seems to be having a sale on green fabric (all that I saw on sale in my purchasing happened to be green) today. FYI.

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