Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Update

I have a bad habit of going to at least one craft store every weekend. I think it's part of "must take a break from cleaning and get out of the house", but I also can't leave a craft store without buying something. It's almost worse than Home Depot in that regard.

This past Saturday was no different. I went to Target, Best Buy, Hancock's, and Joann's. Here's my haul:

A Tron identity disc in my craft stuff? Yeah, because you can't find the white ones, so this was a big coup (and for $13.99!). I now have the Sam, Rinzler, and Kevin discs! The big bite was at Joann's and was 40% off, so I got it for around $20. I got 2 more cuttlebug folders for my non existent cuttlebug (I have a plan), a set of white cards to play with (from Joann's), a 2.5" bias tape maker for my Simplicity machine and 4 yards of the Top Drawer fabric line from Hancock's.  I also got white mettler thread at Hancock's while it was 50% off. Woo.

Keep reading for what I got at Best Buy and the progress on my double wedding ring quilt. 

Behold, my laid out quilt top. All I have left to do on the quilt top is to sew together the middle pieces to the rings. WOO. I got it all pinned and decided that this is what a craft room table is for, keeping everything nicely laid out so I don't sew together the wrong pieces! I think it looks sufficiently random and yet every middle piece connects to 1 of each of the 4 different fabrics. BTW, this is all also the Top Drawer fabric from Hancock's. Love that line. 

Now, Best Buy. Normally I avoid Best Buy for reasons like yesterday. You see, I love me some gadgets. So it's pretty dangerous store for me. I went to get a copy of Red, which Target and Walmart have been sold out of for like 3 weeks (what is up with that? who sells out of every format of a movie?). Yay for them having the deluxe edition with bd and dvd! At least I think that's what I got...might want to check. 

Anyway, while there, I saw a great deal on a camcorder. If I want to make videos of me doing crafty things, I'm gonna need a camcorder. And I'm gonna need one where I can watch myself being recorded. But I decided I could wait. And I did, for about 3 hours. 

So back to Best Buy I go. It was a bundle deal. Camcorder, SDHC card, 5 foot tripod, and case for $169. They pull all the bundle stuff but are out of stock on the camera. They try to order it, and the warehouse is also out of stock. They look at the next store: also out of stock. It appears that Best Buy was offering a deal on a camcorder that they didn't actually have any of. So, I get kind of flummoxed. Had I been my mother, I would have left. And I started to (but like my dad, with every intention of contacting someone at Best Buy Corporate). 

But by this time the massive customer service line (think Dec. 26) had shortened significantly! So I wait in line to talk to someone. I speak to Debbie, who was awesome. Longish story shorter: 2 lines later I got a different camera at the same price. Spec wise I found it pretty comparable, but it was a tad more expensive. 

TL; DR: I have a camcorder now! Expect videos!

Off I go to do laundry! Dishes, quilting and embroidery later! 

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  1. Love the fabrics! I am bad about stopping by the craft store too.