Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fusible Gunk on My Iron

Hello from the frozen ....south? That's not right? Well last I heard Huntsville only needed 1 more inch of snow to have the second most we've had since the records started getting kept. The most was back in the 20s or 30s.

Last night I got between 3 and 4 inches depending on where I measured. Yes, I said "depending on where I measured" because the crafty + engineer means I don't take just one measurement. I took 4 to be precise, 2 in the backyard, 2 in the front. Both front measurements were 3.5"; the back was 3" (on the dot) and 3.75". And we all awoke down here to roads that were worse than when we had 8-12 inches for 5 days. There were 19 wrecks on an 8 mile stretch of the interstate during rush hour.

So I stayed in. And on my "breaks" from working from home, such as for lunch, I craft. And do laundry and the dishes! But my crafting was for naught because my "experiment" with adhesive felt was a big fat failure. NEVER FEAR, I'm not done with that yet. I found thicker felt at Joann's.

But, it's been a few days since I've posted and I am trying very hard to keep up the pace, so I'll share with you an awesome tip I discovered last night. Here's a hint:

You see, I've been wanting to get a better forum presence as they tend to be filled with lots of awesome tips and help. I am big into Halloween and LOVE . So, I've been looking for a good sewing one (please, make suggestions!) and I found Scrolling around to see if I liked it, I found this!

Um, maybe if you click on the picture, it will blow it up for you. Or you can read it here (you may have to be registered to see it)! If not, here's the gist. 

You know how I've been using a lot of heat-n-bond lately right? Well, occasionally, the gunk touches the iron instead of the iron just touching fabric of paper. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHEN THIS HAPPENS. I burned a whole in a top made of discontinued fabric because I didn't stop once. 

Anyway, it's really annoying. Because it's hard to get off. During one round of pennant making, I sat with the iron and a wet paper towel getting it all off, turning it all sort of directions to make sure I got it all off. NEVER AGAIN. Essence of the tip: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

I love Magic Erasers. They are pretty much an all-purpose cleaning gizmo. Get them wet and then scrub all your life. Our old house had white bathroom floors and combine 2 teenage tomboys and that's a lot of sneaker streaks. My mom, sister and I would sit at each door (jack and jill bath) scrubbing. Forgive the quality of mine. Too much pressure can make it break into pieces. 

So, I cleaned off the iron but it left a lot of liquid so I wiped it down with a paper towel. I haven't ironed with it yet, but it looks new, just like the poster said. 

Side note because it was next to my iron when I went to get it: This is the Pledge Fabric Sweeper  and it is wonderful at getting the dog fur off my couch! 

And did I show you the picture of finished banner #2?!

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  1. I am going to have to go get some of those erasers. My iron is gross, and the 'cleaning' kit I purchased did nothing to get the gunk off my iron.