Monday, February 14, 2011

Finished Double Wedding Ring Quilt Top

Isn't it pretty? There are some mistakes that I may or may not fix. This was afterall a test run to see if I would want to make a big one. I'm thinking no. Too many curves. GRANTED, the accuquilt helped a lot because it made notches on all the pieces and it saved so much time cutting. And it wasn't the sewing that was the part that makes me want to go "never again", but rather the pinning.

Keep reading for the treat I did with my new camcorder (I told you there would be videos). 

I made a psuedo time lapse video of me piecing together the blocks of the quilt top! Forgive the large sweatshirt and sweatpants. I'm at home, I feel no need to get all dolled up when I don't think you ever see my face in the video. I promise to wear makeup when you can. You know, I really haven't changed that much from when I was 10. And I figured out how to get the light on the camera on so next time, maybe it won't be so dark (I had tons of lights on in the house). But yay for my new camera, tripod and memory card. 

Next up should be some embroidery. And I may do a "things I've worked on in the past" showcase. 

Oh and this 50 seconds of film is 52 minutes in real time. 

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  1. I appreciate hearing your insights on this die. I've been wanting to see how this die would work. I don't have this die so I can't provide insights, but as I saw with the Drunkards Path die that fabric placement is key, I'm wondering if there might have been an issue with straight of grain fabric placement that may have contributed issues with the assembly of these pieces. But I haven't seen many Bloggers with AccuQuilt products use this die. If you come up with a solution, I'd love to hear it. For now, I'm holding off purchasing this die.


  2. The biggest problem was that I'd heard (and on other dies) that you could use up to 6 layers of fabric. But anything over 4 and the notches don't always cut out and the little notches are the key it seems.

    So if you do use it, only do a max of 4 layers. And I measured the areas on the die for each shape so that I could avoid cutting every shape out of every fabric.