Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mental Health Day

Seems that it is always right about now that I need a "mental health day". I blame it on the fact that my company doesn't take off for MLK day. So, realistically, I haven't had a day (not including weekends) to have some vacation time in a while. Christmas/New Years were probably the last days. While it's always nice to have those days, they don't ALWAYS feel like a vacation.

I didn't take one today. I seriously debated taking it yesterday but for some reason, didn't. Anyway, the point is that I usually sew something new on my mental health days. I watch a lot of tv in the mornings and afternoons, but in that 12-3pm slot, I'm usually sewing. That's about when I'm getting anxious from sitting around being lazy all day so I get up and sew something start to finish. And I have the release of finishing a project and potentially learning something new, but without pressure. If I don't finish it, no one even knows I started it. Last time I made a purse. Granted, months later I decided I didn't like something about it, ripped the bottom apart and have yet to sew it back. It served it's purpose.

I'm thinking this time I'll actually make the aprons I started. See, it's also a completely superfluous project. Can't be something I told someone I would do for them.

I know I've mentioned it before, but I started working out and boot camp started yesterday. Seems like I'm getting more sore at my shoulders as the day goes on. All the more reason to take a day of pure rest.

But, I can't leave you without something to look at, especially since my sewing seems all sorts of limited to weekends now.

Here are 2 patches I made a while back. I <3 Cthulhu and have 2 mini cthulhus watching over me right now (from my bookcase). I also have cobra commander staring me down (just in case you couldn't tell, I'm geeky). The other one is just painfully true sometimes.

I've since acquired a hot knife and a piece of glass to cut the patches while simultaneously sealing the stitches. Haven't played with it yet. SOON though. Maybe I can do that with my mental health day. These were done with the tutorial over at Urban Threads and are Urban Threads designs.I did them both in the same hoop because I didn't want to waste perfectly good stabilizer.

Oh and custom crops is having a big Cricut sale, if you want to make your way there. Just a friendly FYI.

Ooooo...I know, I'll take my mental health day on Friday so I can be at the Joann's Grand Opening sale and perhaps I'll film it.

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