Saturday, February 19, 2011

[Embroidery] St. Patrick's Day Kiddie Clothes

Embroidering on kiddie clothes should be considered an art as it's so massively difficult to keep a onesie from getting caught. Last night I kept thinking that my machine was making weird noises...nope...the bottom of the onesie had somehow ended up underneath the hoop and making it pop up due to the snaps. But, nevertheless, I got it done. See!

My sister asked me to make a toddler shirt for a blonde boy and a onesie for my niece. I couldn't find the long sleeve onesie I had been sent, but since it's 72 degrees in Huntsville and probably 80 where she lives, I figured I might not need it. 

This is a closer look at the boy. He has freckles according to the design if you were wondering. Both designs did, but I don't really like them, so I didn't put them on the girl. If you were wondering where the designs came from, here ya go. It's mostly applique over at Lynnie Pinnie, but it's still all cute. 

Here's the onesie for my niece. I'm not fond of the little space the design calls for between the headband and the hair. I think it's awkward to have to applique something curvy and narrow like that. So I just rolled with "big hair".  She'll probably wear this all of one time, so...

Closer look. This one didn't turn out as clean as the other one. I think I'm beginning to prefer filled embroidery to applique because there's more certainty to it and honestly, a little less time and effort. I don't know if it's a reasonable amount of time, but start to finish they each took about an hour. I'm still new at the embroidery (despite having my machine for better part of a year now, *grumble*) so if I can make it quicker, I've yet to see how. Too much tiny cutting. 

Also, if you have trouble getting embroidery centered on kids clothes, I got a kit from Bernina that has little clear overlays with openings for water soluble ink to make a dot at the center for all sorts of kids clothes. It's pretty much a stable for my sister's plans. 

Regardless, they are both cute. And speaking of embroidery: Urban Threads is having a sale right now on everything that's kind of crafty. $2/design any size. 

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  1. Very cute onesies.