Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Hallloween] Vampire Teeth Placecard Holders

I have been waiting to start this project for a while. A little backstory
Pottery Barn Vampire Teeth Placecard holders
Apparently, once upon a time, Pottery Barn sold a set of Vampire Teeth Placecard Holders. From what I can tell, they sold insanely quickly. But halloweenies being a crafty bunch, a work around was discovered. Like I said in a previous post, I found a bunch of vampire fangs in a Halloween storage bin. I took the loose ones out (left all the multicolored ones) and started following along with this tutorial.

So, thinking I remembered how the tutorial was, I sprayed them black first. Not a big deal, but I think I'll go back and paint them again later.
You've seen this before. Same box. Just prior to the second coat.
Another thing I never have to worry about: tons of gluesticks and a glue gun (I have 2). This is post gluing.
I followed the tutorial just as stated this time, and glued from the crease out, filling them in (I presume to make them more solid).
Can you tell which one was first?
But I had a problem getting it to hold it's shape. I figured that tape on the front would hold it pretty well until the glue dried putting in that position somewhat permanently (you can still squeeze them tighter). That worked fairly well.
Tape holding it in place.
Backside, so you can see how filled they are with glue.
I still feel like redoing some of them. And I might repaint them silver like the tutorial, with black acrylic. Not sure how much effort I want to put in as they already look pretty neat I think.

Somewhat finished teeth, with my place card mockups. 
Now to figure out how the "place cards" (which will actually be menu stuff) should look.  I cut out cardstock with spellbinder dies in my Sizzix. I tried a few sizes and every time, it was the next to smallest that looked best. I printed up all the food labels so I can test if the font size is right. I also need to figure out the backing for them, how creepy to make them look. DECISIONS.

Next project will be specimen jars. Labels I have, sticker sheets I have, paint I have. But what do I put in the jars? AGAIN WITH THE DECISIONS.

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