Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Sizzix Dies Came in!

Continuing on my craft shopping spree, here are pictures of my playing with my new Sizzix dies. A friend asked me why I bought a Sizzix when I have a Cricut. Mostly: embossing. But, I went ahead and bought a few dies that I don't have an option (so far) for my cricut (that I'm aware of). Here are my pictures/semi reviews.

The big pile of stuff to play with

Pinwheel die!

I bought the pinwheel die, the pie box, the scalloped box that looks like a purse, Tim Holtz gears, Tim Holtz hardware findings, Tim Holtz pretty sign thingies. And I got the XL cutting plates.

And this is what happens to your plates after you cut. I've been assured that this is normal. 

The cute little pie box and my cute teapot pin cushion (got it from Joann's) so you have a reference for size. It won't hold an actual piece of pie, but maybe some candy. a bunch of apple jolly ranchers...APPLE PIE!

Side note on this one, my Sizzix won't hold a full size piece of paper. So I had to cut it in half in such a way that it would cover everything. 

My pinwheel! It is on a sucker stick that I got 25/$2 at Party City. The directions said to use a thumbtack to make it functional. Yeah, that took FOREVER to get it through the sucker stick. And one of them broke. And it still barely functions. Not sure if it's because of the cardstock being too heavy or the thumbtack. But the die did take 4 layers of cardstock (which is how much I cut a 12x12 piece into). It was a little hard, but they went through. 

Tim Holtz gears! The only cartridge I know that has gears is robotz and I don't have it. These are all out of chipboard. And these have more little pieces than you realize. But, I noticed that the big one could totally be a ship wheel as well!

Tim Holtz Hanging sign. It's so cute. It was easy and does NOT have as many small pieces as that upper part looks like it would. But it didn't fully cut out one little place, but I fixed it. 

Tim Holtz Hardware Findings. The key is smaller than I expected, but it's still awesome. I'm now noticing that I should have tried to see if the key fit into the hole. 

Tim Holtz I don't remember what it was called (edit: movers and shapers die styled labels). But they will be nifty for signs and labels. 

Okay, so that's all in this post. Next time I'll show off the embossing folders that came in yesterday and at some point, all the stamps I ordered. I also got some Tim Holtz distress ink. It's on sale at Joann's right now, so I'm really tempted to get more. I'm really excited to have new stuff to craft with!

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