Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Am I Working on And Double Wedding Ring Die

What else am I working on? A double wedding ring wall hanging using my new accuquilt die! Took about 45 minutes to cut out all the pieces. I planned to make quilts for my friends that got married, but decided I needed a test case first. I'm such an engineer! 

Keep reading for some tips and SNOW!

Tips for this die: 
  • 6 layers was too much, it couldn't always finish the notches. 4 did well though. 
  • And that tip I saw on a video from accuquilt which said to SLIDE the die off and I thought was just being kind of picky: TOTALLY TRUE. I flipped it over to the mat side down and then slid the die off and things stayed in place. If I just pulled the die off, they became a MESS. So slide, people, slide! (Did that just sound like the Tootsie Roll or what?)

Why did I decide to make a quilt this weekend: well, this is my neighborhood right now. Actually, that was yesterday, it's a little better now but still pretty impassable. Northerners might be laughing that it's been like this for 2 days and I've concluded I can't make it to work, but I live in ALABAMA. Land of warmth and humidity. And I'm probably in the most prepared city in Alabama for this, but my neighborhood will not be plowed ever. 4 wheel drive vehicles are making it, but I have no 4 wheel drive. 

So, with all the time I'm saving by not commuting and not going out for lunch, I've got time to quilt! On Sunday, I dubbed it Snow-n-Sew. 

Additionally, I fixed up a costume and boxed it back up. And the sewing room: it only lacks a table top! The boys got my armoire all moved upstairs. They practically had to disassemble it, but I do not care. And dinner turned out to be a great idea! Felt very good. If the snow comes again this year (and this is twice), I think the girls are gonna come over so we can sew together and more importantly: have epic snowball fights. We're under 30, so we're still allowed. 

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