Monday, July 16, 2012

[Costumes] Mockingbird Progress

Have I mentioned the fact that I'm a huge Marvel fangirl yet? Probably. It's on the internet somewhere. So naturally, I've seen the Avengers...multiple times. It's time to bust out another Marvel costume and as such, I've been working on a Mockingbird costume.
Mockingbird, ex-wife of Hawkeye

Naturally, I picked a blonde...because I seem to always do that. But she's a GT grad with a PhD. AKA, SHE'S SOUTHERN. So for once, even my voice will work for this. I'm super excited about this one.

I picked up a pattern from Hancock's, black and white spandex from Joann's. I've acquired knee pads, shin guards and a holster from Amazon. And the amber lensed shooting glasses and a few other items from a shooting store. And the best part: an ACTUAL BO STAFF from "my martial arts guy". And it's 2 pieces. See, I get excited.
Taken in a mirror, that's why it looks like the buttons are wrong

The body suit is done except sewing on the buttons. But the fitting is all done. I need to remove the collar because the interfacing I used is not up to snuff for this task. Every time I pull the collar to get it to stay up, it pulls apart the interfacing on the inside. The belt I have nylon strapping for that I'll wrap in the spandex. Not quite sure how to make the piece on the front (sculpy seems too heavy). And I need guantlets and boots.

But overall, the progress is going well. Now to lose 10 pounds. Or to stop taking pictures at the END of the day.

And we had a little party at my place last night. It's why I haven't been posting much. It was a surprise party so I couldn't post here about what all I was making! And after I get Mockingbird done, I'll move on to a brand new corset and fixing up a few old costumes before it's time for Dragon*Con again.

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  1. How did the final outfit turn out?

  2. Pretty good I think. I need to get back in the habit of posting and post some of the results and things I've made since July! I've actually removed and redone the collar and zipper but I still don't like it (the collar).

    Here's a picture a friend took: