Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[Tutorial Tuesday] More to Share

Due to my resolution, I can't make these. BUT YOU CAN. Well, I can't make all of them...some of them were indeed included on the list (but which ones *MANIACAL LAUGH*). This is just what I found so far. I think the start of my fabric shopping/over-planning began with reading too many sewing blogs...so you've been warned.

I've been storing all the "ooo...I like this" over on pinterest. It's great for that. The pictures are actually links back to the original page. And it is so much better than a text version of bookmarks because you get to see WHY you bookmarked it first.

Cute picnic caddy

Homemade hand warmer

Retro kids' duffel bag

Yoga Mat Carrier

That's right, I found an Angry Birds Plushie Tutorial, for when you need to throw things at people so that they know their being pigs.

Dino/Dragon Tails

Earbud holder

40 homemade gift ideas
Source: tipjunkie.com via Katie on Pinterest


Well, that's probably enough for now. There are many more back on my pinterest board.

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