Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sew Many Scarves

Did I mention a few weeks ago how I REALLY wanted to make a bunch of scarves. Well, pretty much every family member and close Huntsville friend that was female benefited from this. (To one friend, I'm still trying to find you some My Little Pony fleece...).

So, mostly using this tutorial (not sure I did it exactly like she did), I set out to make scarves with my new fleece. (BTW, fleece is $2.83/yard at Hancock's through at least Christmas I believe.)


This is for my sister, who loves pink and baking. It's got cupcakes and cakes and says "yum"

(Well, if only it had ponies, it could be Pinkie Pie fleece!) 

My sister also teaches, so I figure a fun scarf would draw attention from the wide eyed 6 year olds.  I also made a matching one for her 1 1/2 year old. This shows how it looks twisted. Which is why I wonder if I did mine the same way the tutorial creator did.

For mom (and me later)
You would almost think I made these mostly for guys. NOPE
 So, living in the south means that EVERYONE likes football, even the girls. And somehow we mostly like different teams. (In the background is the progress of my Captain America clutch and to the side is another for my niece that says 'I <3 grandma'.)

Auburn, for me
New England Patriots. Gee, I wonder which friend this goes to. Could it be the one who named her dog BRADY?
A little different for the Ohio State fan
 Apparently the only way to get Ohio State fleece is to get a throw kit. That seemed silly. So I instead doubled up on solids, cut some fringe and reverse appliqued the Ohio State O. I think I like it the best actually (style wise, not because it's OSU).

Told you there was a lot, and this was before the football fleece even came in
So I'm all prepped for the winter weather, now that it is officially winter! And each adult scarf was cut at 5 inches wide over twice the width of the fabric, instead of 4 as the tutorial calls for. Just sort of worked out that way trying to get the words to show. That being said 5+5 = 10 which is less than a 1/3 of 36, so a 1/3 of a yard should do you. I got a 1/2 yard of each just to be sure. So friends, if you want something else with your remainder, let me know!

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