Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Tree Circle Pillow

After Thanksgiving, the buying of my new dining room table left me with rewards gift certificates to Pier 1. So I wandered a round a few minutes trying to figure out what I want (if anyone see the $10 woodland owl and wants to give it to me, I'll love you! Mine was SOLD OUT). And I ran across this:
Christmas tree pillow from Pier 1.

Cute right? But is it 24.95 cute? I looked and looked and looked at it and decided that I could make it. It consists of 2 layers of green satin with a strip between them (you can't overly tell from the picture, but it's got this 2 inch or so strip to make it more cube like...for lack of a better description). If I'm just not remembering the right word, I'm sorry. I blame the sick. On top of the layers of satin are a bunch of red and green felt circles.

After all that thought, I decided to see if I could make my own. CHALLENGE!
So I decided, for time, to skip the middle piece and just do 2 triangles of satin. I cut out felt circles with my accuquilt. And pinned them one layer a the time, sewing a triangle.

Back of the top layer

Front of the top layer, 3 lines in.
Finished top layer
On the couch
In the end, it's not as pretty as theirs. I could have benefitted from more accurate cutting and a better plan. But this didn't take me long and was a little more fulfilling (and cheaper! Felt is cheap and I already had the satin!). Part of what I like better about theirs is the green felt is just a better color than mine. Still cute though, I think.

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