Monday, December 5, 2011

[Embroidery] Wreath Pillow

I chipped away at my list significantly this weekend. So expect a few more posts in the future. I also put my todo list off to the left (*points*), mostly as a reminder to me and to keep me accountable.

This is what I had the embroidery machine going on for the other day. I didn't end up putting any pipping on it (totally forgot). You'll have to forgive the iphone pictures, natural light did not suit them.I also had originally planned on NOT stuffing these, but putting in a zipper so that they could be cases for the normal pillows. But then I realized that I had packed away the original pillows AND forgotten to measure them. This was not my smoothest planning.

But moving on, here's my finished product:

As previously mentioned: all leftovers. I got the design (OSED 2010 Christmas Collection Vol. 3) when I bought more stabilizer. I used leftover white cotton. And the thread, well I have a lot of that. (I still want that Gutterman thread cabinet from Joann's Black Friday. It doubled in price post sale. 100 spools for 79.99 seems like a great deal. ALAS, I restrained myself hoping it will show up again next year.)

So this was a project that both helped to "clean" my sewing room, but also cost NOTHING. THE BEST KIND OF PROJECT.

I have another pillow project that involved felt (which is cheap) and more scraps coming up. That will have a good bit more info on it than just a picture.

OH, somewhat random note, while on the subject of embroidery...Urban Threads is having a sale through Sunday. 50% off all designs and 30% off their design packs.

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