Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stepping away from the Crafty Ledge

It came to my attention while Black Friday shopping that I have quite a few projects in a state of in-between. Most are started, none are finished. A few are still at the planning state. It makes for a messy sewing room.

A newly started, previously planned project that's using scraps
So despite having a new task added by my grandmother (who wants her name on ALL her glassware now it seems), I made a preemptive new year's resolution:
  • No new projects can be started until I finish the existing ones and those that have had supplies bought/plans made. 
  • No new fabric can be bought until I finish aforementioned projects.

This went a little deeper when I started taking an inventory (pre-reorganizing) of costumes and realized I had around 50, with at least 30 having only been worn to one event (and I count Halloween as an event). But, this takes more than just me sitting behind a sewing machine to accomplish. I need there to be events that happen. So I have no set timing on the next one. I made some tenative plans that can get about 15 of them (I think) reworn. At least that's the hope. But...
  • No new costumes until I rewear more of the ones I've got.  
  • Repair some of the older costumes. Fix zippers!
  • Get pictures of costumes with no pictures!
I used to go one project, one costume at a time. I had a manageable fabric collection that mostly consisted of scraps. While I have at least 3 projects in process/planned that use up some scraps and a friend has expressed interest in raiding everything purple out of the giant space bag...I still feel a need to reclaim some sanity here.

I'm an engineer most of the day so it's pretty natural for me to have moments of "OMG I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF WITHOUT PURPOSE". And yet, over the weekend I was told I had more knickknacks than most people. Define purpose...

But the fabric is different. It NEEDS to have a purpose. It NEEDS to have a plan. It's great to be able to make stuff with leftovers, too. Makes me feel all thrifty. So I have a 5th caveat to my resolution:
  • cut down scrap bag into usable sizes with Accuquilt (should easy with applique and encourage quilting). 
SO with that, my current list of planned and in progress projects (so I can have a reference point and if I list it here, there's accounability):
  • Pillow from above picture (using leftover white cotton)
  • Christmas tree pillow (using leftover green satin)
  • Bow pillow (using leftover white cotton and leftover red satin)
  • Christmas presents for Dad and Brother-in-law (involves applique, so using scraps)
  • Christmas present for a friend(s) (using existing fabric and other supplies)
  • Table runner (which I totally wanted to get done by Thanksgiving, whoops)
  • Captain America purse (using leftovers from Costume)
  • Fix Silk Spectre (attach to old neck piece)
  • Fix Sleeping Beauty (corset grommets)
  • Fix Quinn (strap fell off, glue came off)
  • Fix Firefox (zipper)
  • Fix Talho (zipper)
  • Fix Lili (ruffles)
  • Apron for neice (existing fabric)
  • Apron for me (existing fabric)
  • Towel dresses for sister and mom (bought stuff 2 years ago)
  • Quilts for wedding gifts that were never given
  • Wedding ring quilt top/quilt
  • pencil skirt #2
I'm almost certain there's more sitting up there in progress.  But see, that's already too many "in progress" items. And this is just the sewing side of things. And I need to start increasing my skills and I want to make more of my own clothes. I'm a hard fit at the time being, so what better way to up my finishing skills.

The above image is the start of a pillow using an OSED design from the 2010 Christmas collection. My Bernina location still had some of those disks so I got 2 of the 3 from last year and 1 from this year (along with more tear away stabilizer than I know what to do wtih...oh wait, I've already used half a roll on Christmas!). Hopefully, I'm gonna finally use my piping foot for it's stated purpose and not just because it's super wide. (Trying to use up scraps here, I have a ton of pipping leftover too!)

And judging by the list, you can see there's still a lot to post. So no worries there. My iron is gonna get a lot of use. If anyone needs me in the next few weeks...I'll be in my bunk at my sewing machine.

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