Thursday, November 24, 2011

[Cricut] Glass Etching

In preperation for Christmas, I decided to test out glass etching with my Cricut. I did some research and found this. A bowl seems like a small enough thing that if I screw it up, it doesn't really matter because I can still use the bowl.

I picked up the same bowl she used as I presumed it would work. 
 Bowl, CHECK.

That's not MY last name. HMM, what else did I make?!!
 So again, we begin with cutting up some vinyl. Scraps work for this (I couldn't find mine though). But this time, we NEED the negative, you can toss the letters. (Cartridge is Storybook.)

Transfer Tape time! It was at this point that I realized, to be properly sneaky, I should take pictures of my name. You know, instead of everyone else's.

Put the vinyl on the side of the bowl so that the letters are where you want them. Apply a good thick coat of Armour Etch. Hobby Lobby was sold out but Michael's had TONS. And they had like 3 different sizes of the container. And I'm back to putting links in from Amazon, who I discovered also had tons.

Wait a bit (not half of a football game, that was a bit too long, 10 minutes is enough), peel off the vinyl and tada!

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